The Heavy Duty Lap Pack

Finally a heavy duty Lap Pack designed expressly for folks sitting in a wheelchair or scooter! The pack has more than 20 pockets of different sizes allowing you to carry the stuff you need to have handy for all the activities you enjoy.

Perfect for gardening, woodworking, sightseeing, birding, hunting, and any other activity that requires convenient access to numerous items!

Our aprons are durable and stylish as well as designed and tailored specifically for wheelchair and scooter users.
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What Is Bright Living?

Bright Living is a family business committed to enriching the lives of folks who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. As a wheelchair user I know from personal experience how often a piece of useful information or a simple product has made my life a little easier and thus more enjoyable.

Welcome to our website - we hope we can brighten up your day! Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions you may have.
- Gary "RollinLog" Logsdon
Including the thoughts of four time Paralympic medalist Mike Schlappi.

Made in America

At Bright Living we not only focus on improving our customers’ lives but also the lives of our neighbors. All Bright Living products are designed and produced in America.

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All orders in the continental United States are shipped for only $5. And all orders over $100 are shipped for free!

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