Wheelchair Gardening Lap Pack

Wheelchair Gardening Made Easy

So many folks love to garden - and why not? What could be better than being out in the sunshine with your hands in the warm soil watching your garden grow? Our garden Lap Pack strives to make gardening more fun and accessible for folks in wheelchairs.

It has many advantages compared to a typical wheelchair bag including making your gardening tools accessible and keeping your lap clean. Read below for some more specific advantages our Lap Pack provides for accessible gardening.

Designed for the Wheelchair Gardener

One of the biggest issues when you are wheelchair gardening is carrying all of your gardening tools around with you. The Bright Living garden Lap Pack solves this problem for you.

Our gardening Lap Pack is a very unique wheelchair accessory designed specifically for the wheelchair gardener. With over 20 pockets the Lap Pack allows a wheelchair user the choice of numerous, differently sized pockets making it easy to carry most items needed for gardening.

Our wheelchair gardening Lap Pack makes it easy to carry numerous items such as seed packets, plant stakes and markers, hand-held gardening tools, pruning shears, garden gloves, suntan lotion, a water bottle and many other things the wheelchair gardener needs. It's great to have your cell phone and MP3 player handy as well. Unlike with a typical wheelchair bag the gardening items in the Lap Pack are right out in front of you making them very quick and easy to access.

Our wheelchair gardening Lap Pack also covers your lap so you stay clean while gardening. No longer will working in the garden result in you having to come in with your pants and seat cushion full of dirt and plants. Just brush off your wheelchair Lap Pack and you're all clean, that's one thing a normal wheelchair bag can't claim!

We're confident the Bright Living Lap Pack will increase your enjoyment of accessible gardening and become one of your favorite wheelchair accessories.

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The Bright Living Lap Pack holds everything the wheelchair gardener needs and they are all easy to access.

Multiple pockets of different sizes make it easy to have all your tools accessible for gardening.

Unlike typical wheelchair bags, the garden Lap Pack covers your lap so no dirt or debris will get on your pants while you're gardening.

Here's a small sample of the types of items you can carry in your wheelchair gardening Lap Pack.

Wheelchair gardeners will find gardening more enjoyable and accessible with the Bright Living Lap Pack.

Designed especially for wheelchairs, the gardening Lap Pack fits snugly for all wheelchair sizes.

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